• Creates the right financial solution for your project/company
  • Connects to the right financial partner and assists your company in the financial approval process

Case: Operational lease agreement for supplier to wind energy sector

Customer challenge:
The company wanted to rental equipment to the wind energy sector and release capital to be useful for the company growth.

Global House service:
Supplier to the global wind turbine sector sells expensive equipment to the service sector. The company want to extend their business setup with rental/leasing opportunities, so their customer can rent the equipment instead of buying it. Together with our cooperation partner, Lighthouse Finance, Global House made operational leasing agreement with third party financier (Swedish capital fund), so our customer could sell the equipment to them, lease it back and rent/lease the equipment to their customers.

Our customer received a large amount of liquidity, the value of the equipment was eliminated from the economical balance sheet and the company key economic figures was improved.

Benefits obtained by customer:
Global House/Lighthouse Finance created the best feasible financial solution for the company.