About MUDP

The Environmental Technology Development Program (MUDP) supports the development of technologies, processes and/or services within environmental technology, and focuses on innovative projects that create value. With a successful application of the program companies will receive:

  • DKK 0.5-5m for development, testing and/or demonstration of environmental technology, as well as technical feasibility studies prior to the development, testing or demonstration.
  • A network of partners for development and commercialization
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

MUDP supports projects within eight primary areas:

  • Water,
  • climate adjustment,
  • circular economy and the reuse of resources in waste,
  • cleaner air,
  • less noise,
  • fewer problematic chemicals,
  • industrial environmental efforts,
  • ecological construction.

Upcoming deadline for EUDP application submission: 5. may 2021