Innobooster is a funding programme within Innovation Fund Denmark. The programme invests in promising ideas from small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. InnoBooster boosts great innovation ideas with clear and ambitious goals such as new products, services or improvement of a process to increase competitiveness. Applying for InnoBooster is also relevant if your company needs new knowledge, e.g., through collaboration with knowledge institutions, a private development company or new staff with specific competences.
InnoBooster invests in knowledge-based innovative projects from SMEs, startups and scientists. Depending on your need and perspective, an InnoBooster grant can add up to DKK 5 mio.

The Environmental Technology Development Program (MUDP) supports the development of technologies, processes and/or services within environmental technology. MUDP supports projects within eight primary areas: Water, climate adjustment, circular economy and the reuse of resources in waste, cleaner air, less noise, fewer problematic chemicals, industrial environmental efforts, and ecological construction.

With support from the energy technological development and demonstration program (EUDP), you will be able to conduct projects with experimental development and testing of a technology, system or method under reality-like conditions and thereafter introducing it to market. EUDP offers funding for the development and/or demonstration of all types of energy technology contributing to the goals of the energy policy including: Wind Power, heating, energy efficiency, bioenergy, smart energy and system integration, and oil and gas.

Grand Solutions
Innovation Fund Denmark offers co-financing for projects focussing is on research, technology, experimental development and/or market development. The fund has the following requirements for the projects:

  • 2-5 years duration
  • Maximum co-financing of up to 65% (up to 75% for SMEs). Upon successful application, projects receive DKK 5-30M in co-funding
  • Participation from a minimum of one Danish company and one Danish public research institution
  • The funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark can account for a maximum of 75% of the total project costs
  • Grand Solutions projects are often characterised by high risk profile. They focus on ambitious results with high value creation in Denmark in terms of new knowledge, growth, employment or solutions to societal challenges.
    Most projects entail a collaboration among companies, universities and research institutions. Often they have a high degree of research and innovation activities – albeit projects can cover every stage from strategic research to implementation.

    EUopSTART aims to intensify the internationalisation of Danish research. Moreover, the programme wants to strengthen the interaction between research institutions and businesses within research and innovation.
    Through EUopSTART, organisations can apply for small grants for the preparatory work of developing proposals to selected European research programmes. As such, EUopSTART is a pre-funding scheme that alleviates part of the risk and the resources needed for developing, e.g., a proposal for a Horizon 2020 funding scheme.